She Loves Boon Taps In With Belis For Their Infectious New Smash “Honest”


I’m not going to lie, I slept on Boon a few years ago, but he’s made me wake up with these recent releases. From “For The Weekend” to “Gigi/Sunlight”, this kid is building some stellar momentum while playing the game his own way. “Honest” is quintessential hyper pop, but by his own accord, it’s categorized as emotional trap. This is a pairing of two incredibly talented humans, showcasing why they deserve to be in your rotation.

Boon‘s songwriting ability is unmatched to be perfectly honest. Belis adds an additional level of zest to this cut, with her aerated and soothing tone. To an untrained ear, this may sound too pitch-corrected or robotic, but to a modern music fan, this is unfiltered bliss. Great music is great music, regardless of the style and this cut pushes the invisible boundaries of genre. A video is rumored to be on the way soon, but until the next batch of gas, tap in with Boon below.


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