Baby Stone Gorillas Continue Their Hot Streak with “Who Gives A Fuck”


Baby Stone Gorillas are taking Cali by storm right now and their new song “Who Gives A Fuck” just shows how easily they’re doing it. Comprised of Top5ivee, 5Much, and P4K, all three members offer something different to the group’s dynamic.

The song begins with Top5ivee whose delivery sags on and off the beat with the type of West Coast swagger that we’ve come to love. 5Much follows Top with a cadence that’s much more in-your-face but still bouncy and catchy. P4K finishes out this track with several different deliveries and off-the-wall energy that’s showcased at the beginning of the video where he’s seen hanging off of a street sign. Check out the song below and stay tuned for more from Baby Stone Gorillas!


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