Lil Gray and Big Flock Shake up the DMV with “Get Sh*t Started”


Before I talk about how this song is going to put the DMV in a chokehold, I think it’s important you know how hard it was to write this article. I’ve been sick for the past few days and unable to focus on work of any kind. However, with some renewed strength and a negative COVID test, I figured it was time to tackle an article on two of my favorite DMV acts. There was one problem though: for the better part of 15 minutes, I couldn’t stop dancing.

Lil Gray and Big Flock‘s new track began with a pounding piano melody, booming 808s and Gray‘s simple hook, “get this shit started.” “Get Sh*t Started” was almost a symbol of me regaining my health. Given that today is Friday, Gray and Flock‘s new banger is gonna be the perfect pregame anthem for a lit weekend. Check it out.


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