Friday Heat Check: Baby Keem, Central Cee, Syd, and More! 


Range Brothers by Baby Keem (ft. Kendrick Lamar)

The new front-runner of left-field hip-hop, Baby Keem, is back with his latest project The Melodic Blue. “Range Brothers” is the hip-hop equivalent to Bohemian Rhapsody, and I don’t mean that lightly. This record has so many unique sections that it’s constantly evolving. It’s masterfully crafted, and we get the iconic line from Kendrick Lamar “Top of the morning”! This is a must-listen. 

Obsessed With You by Central Cee

Central Cee has been blowing up in the UK drill scene all 2021. With his latest single, “Obsessed With You,” we get a slick pinkpanthress sample flipped into a banging Drill Beat. On the record, Cee discusses a relationship with a girl who he’s trying to court. I love the introspective lyrics he gives us about the lifestyle difference between him and his potential partner. Central Cee is someone to be on the lookout for! 

Funky by Deb Never

How can you hate Deb Never? Intimate lyrics and an objective point of view in the storytelling shine on “Funky”. We get a decently lofi record from her with some magnificent production and interesting engineering choices. To be expected, the song slaps and is something I’ll have on replay for the next few weeks. I love this record, and I think you will too.

Right Track by Syd (ft. Smino) 

“Right Track” is a sensual R&B jam that Syd and Smino come together to talk about being on track to wifing a shawty. We get a catchy hook from Syd, easily one of her best to date, and the plucky guitar is a perfect fit for the song’s tone. Smino slide on his guest verse adds his highly charismatic personality, always adding to any piece. 

Optimistic by Kyle (ft Dougie F) 

Kyle has been an artist that’s gotten me past a lot of dark times in my life. So I always appreciate a new song from this super underrated musician. “Optimistic” is a dancehall-influenced hip-hop record that has a great vibe and can lift anybody’s mood. Dougie F is a fresh face to me, and I’m honestly impressed by his contribution to the record. I’ll be looking into his catalog as soon as I’m done writing this article! 

Public by Ka$hdami 

“Public” is a record that has made me a hardcore Ka$hdami fan. I love the production of the song; it’s incredibly unique; it’s to the point where I don’t know how to describe it. That being said, it’s a fantastic backdrop for his killer flow. Bounce from line to line with ease should make any musician jealous. This is the type of music that pushes the culture forward, so don’t get left behind. 


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