BabyJake Leaves His Mark On 2020 With A New Project, “Don’t Give Me Problems, Give Me Wine”


Photo by Alex Hall.

BabyJake has already had an eventful 2020, and we’re not even close to seeing the end of it. Even after working with the likes of Dillon Francis on his You Do You EP, the capable young artist returns with his new project, Don’t give me problems, give me wine. The seven, saccharine tracks are filled with loved-lost memories and dreams deferred as BabyJake clears his head for our listening pleasure.

BabyJake brings us from the serene soundscapes of “Blue Cellophane” to a pop ballad on “MadHappySad.” Not to be outdone, BabyJake kept the hits rolling on this EP with a certified hit in “Head in the Clouds.” Don’t give me problems, give me wine is an intimate look into the mind of BabyJake, an incredible musician that fills each song with passionate feelings and unmatched artistry, which indicates that the up-and-coming artist has barely scratched the surface of his true potential. Take a listen below. You’ll thank me later.


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