Undiscovered Gems: 8 Buzzing Artists You Should Know


Once again, we welcome you to Undiscovered Gems. If you’re new to Chiefers, our UG segment is centered around new or developing artists that you probably haven’t found yet. This round, we’re focusing on a pretty big list of dynamic talent. This group of artists has made it clear that they’re headed in the right direction, releasing quality music and other incentivizing tactics that have put them ahead of their peers. Without further a do, take a look at the latest list of breakout artists to watch.


Out of Richmond, Virginia is soon-to-be superstar, Babyxsosa. With the help of prominent New York DJ, Hu Dat, she has managed to attain a strong footing in the music industry. Her dream-like voice is captivating and very soothing as she continues to separate herself from her peers. When an artist is this different and this proud of their unique qualities, you better watch out. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world is hip.

Lil Reek

Next up is Lil Reek, a young-gun from Atlanta who’s been busy making a name for himself in the South. His current top streaming track is his collaboration with European DJ and producer Brodinski, titled “Rock Out.” The track is sitting at half a million streams on Spotify alone.

As if that wasn’t enough, Lil Reek has a unique connection to one of the industry’s most capable young entrepreneurs, his manager, Birdman Zoe, who also happens to manage superstar producers like Taz Taylor and Nick Mira. So it’s clear that Reek’s got the right administrative structure behind him to take him to the top. Tap in.


In Winnipeg, Canada if you ask around about who’s next, you’re bound to hear about upcoming rapper, YSN Fab. Like other members of this exclusive list, this artist has the raw materials necessary for stardom and beyond. With his numbers on the rise and a gradual increase in quality with each drop, it’s hard to imagine a world that doesn’t include Fab. If you aren’t hip already, now’s the perfect time. Check out “Monopoly” below and you’ll understand why he’s on this list.

Kris Yute

Every artist’s dream right now is to have their song go viral on TikTok, but only few are successful. Enter Kris Yute, who managed to do this with his first song, “I Did It.” Kris, who was born in Jamaica and is currently based in Brooklyn, provides fans with a vibe that they can’t find anywhere else. He’s one of the two producers behind his first record, which currently has 7.8+ million streams on Spotify alone. As if that’s not impressive enough, Kris worked with Lonewolf for the video. With notable success across TikTok, Spotify, Youtube, and more, Kris Yute is making a statement from the start.

Keynes Woods

Keynes Woods is a French-Congolese rapper currently based in Toronto, and he’s an incredibly versatile rapper that is incorporating R&B, Jazz, and even EDM elements into his music. Keynes is able to create a truly unique and original sound, perhaps due to his diverse background being born in DRC and moving to Ontario at an early age. Kongo Kane is his most recent project, and it surely gives insight into the creative vision of Keynes. He’s a gifted artist on the rise, worthy of keeping an eye on in the Toronto scene. Get hip to Keynes Woods.

Yung Knxw

Yung Knxw is not your typical hip-hop artist. The rapper has some pretty big shoes to fill, being that his father is Bushwick Bill, who tragically passed at the age of 52 in 2019. For those of you who may not recognize this name, Bushwick Bill was part of the pioneering Texas hip-hop group called the Geto Boys, which included Raheem and Scarface, among other legendary artists. Yung Knxw has now taken it upon himself to carry the torch, and is doing so gracefully. “I have no choice but to be great because I’m surrounded by greats all the time,” said Knxw.  A common favorite is “Times Still Hard.” Tap in below.

Jak Bannon

Jak Bannon is an artist and creator with a vision. Jak found his start as a visual artist, working alongside artists like Dr. Dre and Aidan Cullen. After some success in that field, Jak decided to pursue what he truly loved, music. The alternative pop singer released his first ever track “THE TRADE,” a song that involves smooth synths and relaxing vocals, wrapped up together with a perfectly balanced drum pattern. Get hip to the emerging talent.

Lil Crank

Next up is Lil Crank, a member of the Atlanta based rap group LBAF, whose members include Justoo and Lil Crank’s brother, TaymanLil Crank sings in his high register with ease, seamlessly skating across hard instrumentals. If Lil Crank can continue to differentiate himself from the competition like he has thus far, he’ll be golden. In a recent Instagram post, Crank was shown flexing in the studio alongside Lil Durk. The young Atlanta talent is doing everything perfect right now and is inevitably bound for greatness. Get hip to Lil Crank below. You’ll thank me later.



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