BabyxSosa Unveils A Brand New 4-Track EP


If you’re familiar with Babyxsosa, then you’re doing something right. The young artist is having a serious come up lately, and after dropping her new EP, it’s clear that her ascension is nowhere near complete.

Babyxsosa has the ability to create melodies that are evidently scoring her major points in the Hip-Hop scene. Her dream-like creations are a great way to spend your time streaming, as her voice takes fans out of their immediate environment. On BabyxObama, her latest drop, she takes fans on a four-song journey characterized by its light and dreamy aesthetic. Her music is adorable yet hard at the same time, which is obviously not something that’s easily pulled off. When artists bring an unseen dynamic to the table, it catches the attention of labels, along with like-minded businesses and individuals. She’s building a soon-to-be massive fanbase, which in my opinion could mirror that of 645ar. If you have any time to spare in your days in quarantine, we highly recommend taking a gander at this brand new heat from Babyxsosa. It’s only nine minutes long and it’s like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


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