Interview: We Chatted w/ Canadien Artist RAMZOID Over the Quarantine About His Latest Music, and Much More!


One of my favorite stage names Ramzoid and we got the chance to talk with him during this worldwide quarantine about his life, career and much more. From breaking into the scene with amazing production followed by artistry, Ramzoid has immersed himself on all fronts. From having a well-known YouTube that showcases all of Ram’s musical talents and much more, Ramzoid is a true artist and this interview will show you that. Check out our conversation below and get to know Ramzoid!

DC: “To start off, Who is Ramzoid, and where are you from?” 

RAMZOID: “I’m an artist from Prince Edward Island, Canada and have been living here my whole life. It’s a pretty small area but it’s nice, lots of nature. I just like to make things, I produce, sing, make visual art, clothes, videos, anything creative pretty much!”

DC: “Who are some early influences that you were listening to early on?”

RAM: “I grew up listening to more rock / punk type music that I found through video games like the Tony Hawk series and Guitar Hero, Also OST stuff like the soundtracks from Maplestory and Runescape. I think all those games influenced me a lot. I started listening to a lot more electronic music after a while though when I found Skrillex and Deadmau5, and eventually rap / hip-hop after hearing To Pimp A Butterfly.”

DC: “When did you start getting into making music?”

RAM: “I started getting into music making when i was 12 I think. I had just started listening to Skrillex & wanted to know how he made such crazy sounds and I found a program called “Reason”. I couldn’t figure out how to even make a sound on it, so I gave up for a few months. Then my uncle showed me a program called “Ableton Live” and showed me the basics of it and it seemed way easier. That’s when it started and i’ve been making music all the time, in the same program ever since.

DC: “You have a crazy following on YouTube with your creative videos, how did that all come about?” 

RAM: “The YouTube channel actually came about super weirdly, I never planned on it being a big thing. I saw some channels making trap type beat videos and thought I might be able to do a similar thing but “electronic” vibes because I was making more electronic style music at the time. I made a Travis Scott tutorial I think and it got like 10k views [way more than I expected it to] so I just kept posting videos and never stopped, lol. I think my style of video has evolved a lot over time as my tastes change but it’s pretty fun to do and i’m grateful that theres people who like them!”

DC: “We covered your latest track “Vampire” earlier in the year & it’s a hit in our books. What was the process for that record?”

RAM: “Thank you so much! I’m glad you like it. I made the beat for it around a year ago when I was staying in LA with my friend Hamps. He sampled this old Swedish folk song that he found on YouTube and it sounded really creepy and nice. The beat sat on my hard drive for quite a while with the title “Vampire” and one day I decided I was gonna try some vocals over it. I started messing around with vampire themed lyrics and it was magically done. Some of my songs take a long time to finish but my favorite ones always seem to come really quickly and naturally. This was one of them!”

DC: “With 2020 shaping up in the music world. Where do you see Ramzoid at the end of the year? More records coming out?” 

RAM: “Honestly i’m just tryna go viral on TikTok.. JK. I have a full length project i’m working on that will drop before the end of the year. More videos, some fashion tings, trying to stay alive, we’ll see what happens.”

DC: I guess we should talk about coronavirus, what is your opinion or thoughts on the whole thing & how it’s effecting the music industry?

RAM: It’s so insane and unexpected. I still feel like I haven’t fully grasped what’s going on. My heart goes out to everyone affected whether it’s lost jobs, illness or the frontline workers we have putting their lives at risk daily. In a weird way I feel like it’s brought the music industry closer together, though. Tons of people are streaming on Twitch, I see so many artists interacting with each other and banding together that might have not normally. For me, I had a couple shows cancelled but I wasn’t really touring too much so it’s minor in the grand scheme of things. I’ve just been going about my business as usual. Hopefully we can get back to normal before too long.

DC: “Any other future plans for Ramzoid outside of the music?”

RAM: “Yes! i’ve always been big into fashion. I spend a ton of time researching history of brands, investing in clothes, and more recently sewing clothes of my own. I started a page called Zoid Land where i’ve been posting some of the pieces i’m making but i have plans to turn it into a full fledged brand of its own eventually. Other than that I want to start producing a bit more behind the scenes. I love making beats that other artists could use sooo if you’re reading this just @ me :>”

DC: “Anything else you would like to add before we end our conversation?”

RAM: “Many songs dropping soon, album on the way uhhh yeah stay tuned! I appreciate the interview and the love!!!”


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