Undiscovered Gem: Ben Reilly’s “Maytag” Video Is Popping Off


Sometimes, the algorithm just comes through with something special. That’s 100 percent the case with “Maytag,” an under-appreciated gem from the summer of 2021 that’s gathered crazy momentum over the last month.

“Maytag” comes courtesy of Brooklyn rapper Ben Reilly, who emerged onto the scene in 2020 and quickly gained name recognition following the release of his 2021 album, FREELANCE. “Maytag” was a standout track from the album, and Reilly‘s video for the track, directed by Jacob Rink, has an almost startlingly professional quality that one usually only expects from artists backed with deep pockets.

What carries everything through is Reilly‘s artistic vision – yes, his delivery recalls Kendrick at his absolute best, but the attention to detail and meticulous craft proves that Reilly is destined for greatness. The bold production choices and visual elegance plainly show that Reilly is reaching for something bigger, and we have no doubt he’ll get it.

This is for sure one you can’t miss. Check out Ben Reilly‘s “Maytag” video down below on YouTube.


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