RealYungPhil Returns With His Long-Awaited Project “Dr. Philvinci”


Phil is truly one of my favorite rappers of the new era and it’s because of his consistent releases. Each drop doesn’t dwindle when it comes to beat selection and the energy that’s exuded in Dr. Philvinci shows Phil isn’t missing a step. With production from Dylvinci, a cornerstone and some would say, pioneer of PluggnB, we hear Phil float over flips that make your mind twirl.

The features from Mooky, Perks, Moh, 1600J, Pasto Flocco, and ATL Smook only add to the rich sustenance this project provides. Of course, there’s some stellar assistance from the man Evil Giane on a number of these cuts, so the extended family of Surf Gang is ever so present.

“Switch It Up” and “Life Of A Legend” stands out to my ear, though Phil is one of the few rappers who can keep attention from start to finish. 15 tracks might be an ambitious attempt for some up-and-comers, but RealYungPhil is nothing like the rest of the pack. Stream Dr. Philvinci below.


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