Bernard Jabs Returns With A Marvelous EP Titled “Thank God 4 U”


People seem to forget that I’ve been covering Bernard Jabs for a few years now. Tiffin, Georgia is the hometown to Jabs, but his talent and electric energy has taken him all over the country. Teaming up with a Chiefer favorite, 10Fifty, we get five brand new cuts that will break your neck.

There’s additional production from Mtthws, Fallwood, Gibbo, David Von Mering and Foreign Gotem. Each of these beats Bernard sets ablaze, making this the project that will set him apart from the pack. “YoungBoy Flow” is a marvelous ode to NBA and his unhinged cadence. Though, you also have recognize Jabs immaculate breathe control, he’s not wheezing in between bars like these other out-of-shape rappers. On “be minez interlude”, Jabs utilizes his heart-throb skill set and talks to the ladies for a moment. It’s refreshing to hear him try to tap into this style because these woman will eat it up.

“4:11 in LA/Birdman Jr Jr” pays homage to Lil Wayne and his influence on what Jabs is trying to accomplish. Bernard has the talent and star qualities needed to establish a real career in music. I think that the mission is bigger than just being in the middle of things, he wants to be one of the greats.

Overall, this is a brief project, but will only strengthen Bernard’s argument. 10Fifty is here to build from the ground up and these two are destined to make a mark in modern music. Tap in below and we’ll talk to you soon, more gas is always on the way.


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