Plu20 Nash Taps In With Lucki & Drego For The Highly Anticipated “Live At The Roxy”


Lucki and Drego do have vastly different styles, but they are able to adapt to a wide variety of production. I feel like both of these guys are respective musical titans in their cities and to bridge the gap between their fan bases is a genius move. With production from Plu20 Nash, Go Grizzly, Ty Made It and Drego as well, “Live At The Roxy” is an intoxicating opus full of stellar bars.

The substances they love curates their moods and has helped mold what each of their sounds are today. Drego starts things off, blazing atop these heavy baselines. Then Lucki comes in and provides an unreal verse in his brilliantly lackadaisical cadence. It’s collaborations like these that push the boundaries of what regional rap sounds like.

Both of these guys are going to have a 2020 full of opulence and success. It’s only a matter of time before the mainstream is knocking at their door. Tap in below and we’ll be back with some more gas soon.


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