BFB Da Packman And Zack Fox Have Fun With “Bob and Weave” Music Video


BFB Da Packman and Zack Fox have a ball in this video for “Bob and Weave”. With someone like BFB you honestly never know what you’re gonna get when he drops music but this one was a funny, yet impressive surprise. Linking up with the one and only Zack Fox you already know if he’s on the song there’s going to be some hilarious bars. These two are so talented in such a brilliant comedic way on their own so it’s a real treat to have them together on a song. 

For the video Sirasounds directed it and he captured the song perfectly. Sometimes these low-budget videos can be amazing and the simplistic style of this one was nothing short of it. BFB and Zack are a duo that I hope we get to hear more of but until then enjoy “Bob and Weave”. 


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