Khi Infinite Delivers One Of The Cleanest Tracks For The Fall Titled “Love For Yah”


At face value, Virginia rapper Khi Infinite‘s new track “Love For Yah” details the struggles he faces balancing his rap aspirations and keeping in touch with his loved ones. However, the song morphs into a communal cry for unity with the video, which is co-directed by Infinite himself.

These frames show a plethora of different people singing the song’s hook as he drives to buy weed and eventually hits a party. Seeing all types of differences regardless of age and race singing “I need to call my brother up, let him know I still got love for him”, delivers the message that we all need to make sure to stay close to our families, no matter what life throws at us.

However, maybe you interpret the song differently. This seems to be the point the 20-year-old rapper makes as he stares into the camera throughout the video, allowing others to perform the song for him behind him. Check out “Love For Yah” below!


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