BIGBABYGUCCI Flexes On New Track, “No Guidance”


BIGBABYGUCCI is no stranger to the pages of Daily Chiefers. He’s gradually been accumulating a long list of reasons for people to take his shit seriously. Today, he’s back for a major musical statement — his newest SoundCloud single, “No Guidance.”

As he edges nearer and nearer to a million streams on Spotify for his track “Drop Top Lexus,” which is currently at 830k streams, BIGBABYGUCCI is set to demonstrate his momentum. He just blessed us up with a brand new track on SoundCloud, and it is a further explanation of his notable ability.

With “No Guidance”, he’s yet again reaffirmed our high expectations. If you aren’t already hip to North Carolina’s BIGBABYGUCCI, there’s still time before he garners more common recognition. Check out another prime example of the unique skill of BIGBABYGUCCI in the link below. He’s one of North Carolina’s best, which is saying a lot in this day and age. He’s got a melodic and rhythmic skill set that puts him levels ahead of his contemporaries. Come listen and see for yourself.


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