You Need To Hear Jay Esco’s New Single, “Perfections”


Jay Esco is a rapper from Bridgeport, Connecticut, who has been making waves lately on YouTube and other streaming platforms. Today, he makes his Chiefers debut with a brand new single titled “Perfections.”

Jay Esco has seen success in recent tracks like “Double Up” and “Promise”, with both tracks accumulating almost a million streams together on SoundCloud alone. “Double Up” is at over 800k streams by itself, and “Perfections” sounds like it has similar potential. The young artist is demonstrating a clear ability to go crazy melodically and rhythmically. His sound seems to have Bronx roots and is woven with emotion and passion. He’s definitely not just playing around making music, you can hear how serious he takes his craft. It’s paying off so far. If you aren’t already familiar with one of Connecticut’s best up and comers, then get hip. Check out the latest from Jay Esco in the link below!



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