Yak Yola And RecoHavoc Go Crazy With New “AI” Visuals


Yak Yola is one of Philadelphia’s best up-and-comers, and he’s back again for a brand new video featuring fellow Philly native RecoHavoc. Both artists have prominent label backing and are setting their sights on bigger and better. Today, they give fans a deeper look into their music and aesthetic with a brand new video for their collaborative single, “AI.”

Yak Yola has had a steady stream of successful drops. He rarely releases shit that isn’t a perfect embodiment of himself and his brand. RecoHavoc is another example of an upcoming Philly artist playing his cards right. His debut project, Started, dropped in 2018, hosted by mixtape-great DJ Drama, and features one artist: G Herbo. With numbers growing by the day and a solid grasp on their respective sound, Yak Yola and RecoHavoc are a near-perfect combo for a great record.

Their trademark Philly grit and energy also make them perfect candidates for a successfully-shot video. “AI” is nothing less than fire. Both artists are relatively early in their ascension to the top, but they are close enough to have earned the attention of the masses. It’s only a matter of time before both Yak Yola and RecoHavoc are on top of the rap scene. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this well-thought-out video to match an absolute banger. Check out “AI” in the YouTube link below.


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