Mere Raj Deserves The Spotlight With New Single, “Sangria”


Mere Raj is an artist with minimal coverage thus far, however you’ll instantly fall in love with his voice upon listening. His sensitive and emotional voice begs a reaction from listeners. Today, he makes his first appearance on our pages for his single called “Sangria.”

Mere Raj is an undiscovered act who has been working to gain recognition, and although early, it’s safe to say he’s earned it. He’s dropped just one song, and it is hard to ignore just how special he is. Not only can he hit difficult notes, but he also possesses an ability to put any listener in their feels. He skates over this simple yet appropriate beat. Sometimes minimal production proves to be best for certain artists- artists who have enough talent to keep you entertained with just their voice.

Mere Raj is somebody who will be making plenty of more appearances on our pages as he drops more heat. This is a very strong first impression, yet I’m sure he’ll have no trouble meeting the status quo he’s set with “Sangria.” Hear it for yourself below, you’re bound to be impressed.


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