BigBabyGucci’s Latest Effort “Human” Is Yet Another Notch In His Belt


Gucci is one of those kings of the underground, who is soon going to get his shot at some mainstream notoriety. Though, it doesn’t seem like he needs the world to know he’s great at what he does. This man has a budding fan base that allows him to tour and pave a notable name for himself. That’s the real connection that a lot of these other artists miss, the opportunity to relate to the people who stream your music.

With features from TiaCorine, 30 Rock, Austin Skinner, 10cellphones and Farragamo, these twenty tracks are gifts of sheer genius. Personal favorites that standout are “Late Night Voicemails” and “Manifest” but I think there’s a little taste for every fan on here. We’ll get out of the way and let you enjoy the gas that is Human below.


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