Shawny Binladen Is Really One Of The Best Up Now, Peep His Visuals For “No Ceilings/Light Up”


Shawny is only for those with ears made to take in distinct culture. The sample drill wave has a few Godfathers at the helm and Mr. Binladen has solidified a spot at the table. With these visuals for “No Ceilings/Light Up” we see a double feature basking in what this man is capable of. There is a usual formula he’s known for, but the songs never get repetitive. I think a lot of that has to do with his beat selection.

With some help from Chai and ZT On The Beat, we hear a setting filled with layers of precise production. Infectious sample chops and rim shots that electrify the night are shining through a realm of imitations. Directed by Haitian Picasso, these frames alongside Melly Migo for the second half change the mood completely. The feeling is still there, just literally shot in a calmer light as the smoke fills the room.

So what have we learned here today? That Shawny Binladen is going to continue with his domination while simultaneously changing the atmosphere of modern music. Wake up and tap into the gas below.


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