Fenix Flexin Grab’s Los Angeles Newcomer, Louda Lou, For New Single, “Fire Drill”


Shoreline Mafia was a group where everyone held their weight as an artist but still had two front-men to solidify them. These front men were Fenix Flexin and Ohgeesy. The two worked in perfect balance as Ohgeesy added charisma to the group’s persona and Fenix emphasized their street origins under a relaxed but firm delivery. Despite the group no longer being together, Fenix is continuing to body that woozy LA sound that he and his former group members attacked the rap scene with. Fenix Flexin’s first solo effort, Fenix Flexin, Vol. 1 was a project full of bangers that has accrued millions of streams since its release. 

The L.A general is back with a new single titled, “Fire Drill” following his first and recent solo tour. This Kevin Mora edited/directed and Moraculous shot video displayed smooth cuts with intermittent color flare effects popping off the screen. The show of Nike Tech suits, ski masks, 40’s and guns follow the familiar tropes of many music videos within the street lane which could be comforting to the core audience. The instrumental of the song consisted of those emphatic piano keys that have historically been crucial to the West Coast sound. The hi-hats and 808 drops throughout the beat could make anyone want to dance despite the content of the song. Fenix and an L.A newcomer, Louda Lou effortlessly trade bars on this track, showcasing great musical chemistry between the two. I love the West Coast sound because it has always stayed true to its roots and has been more regional than mainstream in recent times. It’ll be great to see if Fenix Flexin can continue this momentum as a solo artist and continue to put other lesser known artists in the L.A scene on. Go peep Fenix Flexin’s new track, “Fire Drill ” featuring Louda Lou below.


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