BK The Rula Takes Us On A Lucid Ride Through The Universe With Her New Project “Nirvana”


BK is one of those names that has rang through the underground for a few years now, but with Nirvana we hear her unhinged radiance at its highest form. In just eleven songs we are flown through the atmosphere in a number of settings featuring executive production from Digital Nas. This duo gets some percussive assists from River, Simmyauto, Noise Of Cory, Rxlvnd and Scoop.

Cuts like “Gango” and “Okok/depressing” are personal standouts because of the incredibly infectious pairing of vocals and instrumentation. BK provides the listener with more of a feeling instead of focusing on a succinct concept. It’s about what energy is created when she crafts these sounds, focusing on how the listener would digest the waves. “ILOVEUBACK” is wild good as well because of the lane that BK chooses to float in. Plus there’s just something about that melody and its simple properties that make it so memorable.

A project like this is quite diverse, but it’s about the duality that everyone seeks in their journey, the balance of light versus dark molds one’s days on this earth. With that being said, this is a well-rounded set of sounds for any mood presented. The Rula is on the verge of breaking through to the mainstream, so don’t miss the plane before it takes off.


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