Bladee Just Inserted 30 Minutes of the Goofiest Vocals and Noises on Some Drill Beats And It Might Be the Best Thing I’ve Heard This Week


Now, hear me out. I know Bladee isn’t for everyone. I get that, but if you have some time to kill this upcoming weekend please try out his new Album titled Spiderr. I couldn’t make it more than 2 minutes without bobbing my head while simultaneously laughing my ass off.

I was in literal shock when I heard this man come out on a drill beat. I got familiar with Drain Gang going in this drill direction with Thaiboy Digital‘s recent single titled I’m Fresh but never was I prepared for an entire project filled with it.

I came into this album wondering what route he was going to go with this due to the vast differences in his last couple of projects, but the perfection that his vocals have become over the years mixed with these new drill beats feels like a breath of fresh air within the group.

By far, the best moment of the entire album was the first part of the song “HAHAH” when the absolute grimiest beat comes in just for him to scream “I’m crazy!” for a solid thirty seconds. I don’t even know what to feel about this project at this moment, all I know is this could very well be Bladee’s best solo work yet.

This not only makes me excited for the progression of Bladee, but what the DG boys will continue to do from here on out. If you are feeling absolutely wacky and silly today, this is the album for you. I hope Bladee speaks to you like how he spoke to me this morning. Check it out here:


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