Iayze and Devstacks Float on New EP “Final Fantasy: The Finale”


This entire body of work is so beautiful bro, I just have to make that clear from the jump. Independently of each other, Iayze and Devstacks have been gaining unbelievable momentum in the underground this past year. With Iayze just recently dropping his highly anticipated deluxe version to staple project Demons 2and Devstacks consistently bringing the heat month after month with solo artist work and production for other artists, the two teaming up is a match we all have been desperately needing.

Final Fantasy: The Finale is the final installment of the Final Fantasy EP trilogy Iayze introduced to the world back in 2020. With new interstellar production from Devstacks throughout, the entire EP gives you soft, spacey vibes that ease the senses and cleanse the soul. Kicking off the project with melodic masterpiece “Dingaling (lil Keed),” Iayze shows off his ability to generate the catchiest hooks effortlessly floating over production by Devstacks and Jayxxl while paying tribute to renowned rapper Lil Keed whom tragically passed away earlier this year (may he rest in peace). From the very first bar, this song is embedded in your system, leaving you singing “when I grab my chain that bih go ding-a-lingg” on a timeless loop for the remainder of your day– and then potentially in your dreams.

“Motion 2” has the exact same effect. Iayze‘s voice is just so fire. The way he glides melodically while seamlessly switching up flows is just mind-blowing and adds to the easy listening experience he and Devstacks have been known for. On “Shit,” Devstacks attacks the production alone, flexing angelic strings and atmospheric basslines that pair perfectly with Iayze‘s vocal approach. The listening experience is just so calming, you may find yourself closing your eyes and slipping into a deep meditative state, transcending your soul through all the higher dimensions. With ethereal production on “Kim Possible” by MistaIayze brings out a slightly more assertive tone, talking his shit in a way that still maintains the transcendental nature that the entire EP provides. With the majority of these songs falling under 2 minutes in length, these are the types of records that you automatically want to throw on repeat– each minute of pure bliss is truly addicting.

With Devstacks only providing production up until this point of the EP, listeners finally get the hear his ambient vocals on “‘N Then Sum” with captivating production from Diameex. Devstacks knows exactly how to capitalize on simple, straightforward melodies and flows that create a powerful experience which can only be felt through his unique minimal approach. He never tries to do too much or finds himself lacking, but can always be found floating in the sweet spot right between the two. If you haven’t thrown the EP on repeat at this point in the tape, this is the song that gets you.

Jumping back on production as the tape wraps up, Devstacks pairs up with Iayze on one of the most infectious outros of EP history. Sitting at 2 minutes and 22 seconds (2:22), “Barbados” combines all the angelic elements that the previous records offer and ties them off with airy synths and celestial vocals that truly heal the spirit and bring tears to your eyes. As I said from the jump, this EP is absolutely beautiful and there are truly no skips. It’s the music you’ll likely hear when you enter Heaven. If you haven’t heard it yet, stop what you’re doing, close you’re eyes and listen from start to finish. The entire ride lasts no longer than 12 minutes, but it is 12 minutes of pure bliss that will change the trajectory of your entire day. Iayze and Devstacks just did something unbelievably special and I certainly hope we will be hearing more from this duo in the future. Listen to Final Fantasy: The Finale below.



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