Blood Doesn’t Mean A Thing


See I have a couple of pretty shitty uncles and to be perfectly honest I would love to see them taste the pavement. But the worst of them all is this Qanon quarterback, radiation ranger who didn’t have a microwave until the past summer. This man only recently started coming to our Holiday parties, but he wasn’t an important piece of my life and still isn’t. He stayed with our agoraphobic grandmother and she was a very kind soul, but he kept her alive for a number of years after she lost the will to live.

She ended up passing in July of 2020, so my parents try to include him in as much as we can considering the man has no friends or other family. He never made an effort to really even get to know me, so why return the favor. The holidays remind me of who really held me down all year and who didn’t ever call. Scattered thoughts like these are only organized to a backdrop of auditory bliss. Things seem to come together when I’m immersed in my passions and I never want to leave those alone. Here’s some great music below that calmed me down and soothed my mental, instead of slapping my uncle. Peace.

Joony – Proud Of U

This Joony project is one of the most diverse offerings of the fourth quarter. “Special” is a wondrous Charlie Wilson flip from “Beautiful”, but the sample drill wave suits this DMV legend well. “Paper” speaks to our soul and shines through with stellar introspection about the human experience. 6 brief cuts, but another illustrious chapter nonetheless.

BaBa – idk what I’m doing v.1

BaBa is more than just a man of TikTok prowess. His instrumentation is full of vivacious energy and this EP idk what I’m doing vol.1, is nothing short of genius. You have to love his drill beats, but this is pure music to move to. “Pls Stop Callin my Phone” is a friggin jam featuring Young Wabo and will rain its sustenance down upon us all.

Reek & Sage – R&S Side: 002

Shout to the motherfucking tree team. 001 was unreal with “Mail” being one of my favorite releases of 2021. “The One” just features Reek and his Southern styling, but he paints the canvas vividly. “Luvemall” with Niko2K and Levicantsing possesses another brilliant set of instrumentation while all parties tiptoe in a methodical movement to greatness. Always tap in with the bros, you won’t be disappointed.

Donnie Durag & GVVAAN – DON GVVAAN

This is a different side of NYC, but still reveals itself to be a special sound. With production from Birthday and LordSean, we hear GVVAAN and Donnie Durag deliver nine cuts that are bellowing blows to the gut. “The Roof” is a poignant bounce melding GVVAAN‘s unique tone and Donnie‘s cadences. “Not A Fan” is a spaced-out intoxicating cut pouring emotions into our auditory glasses. Overall this project is a great introduction to these four creatives, peep it all above.

Flyboyeli – Grenade

Flyboyeli is brand new to our pages, but this cut right here is some gas. A very modern approach to this sound, but the youth knows how to curate these wondrously simplistic melodies. “Grenade” has just enough distortion to give off that DIY effect we all love from the up and comers. Eli is onto some shit and we have a strange feeling this kid will run it up, stay tuned for more.


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