BLVU’s “Iwoulddoanythingforyou” Is A Moment Of Pure Bliss


This is pretty astounding for a first song, but if I told you that after you listened I don’t know if anyone would believe me. BLVU is based out of LA at the moment and his cut “iwoulddoanythingforyou” is a moment of passion with unrelenting honesty. With production from himself and Brevin Kim, we hear this young man swim in a world of poignant instrumentation.

You can hear light distortion lay parallel to the vocals when the guitar comes in to paint. Both BLVU and Kellbender traded their talents to ensure a soothing set of melodies was mixed pristinely. Warm tones alleviate your stress but cause you to long for the love of the past. Whether the moment is right now or the near future, BLVU is a name to pay attention to in this world of chaos.


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