I Had More Fun When I Was Unemployed


While the burden of the monotonous corporate world leaves my body in the form of thick BHO smoke, we are at a brilliant time of the week. An abundance of emotions rush through my loins, but sure relief is the most powerful of all. Za, some good tuneage and a bit of relaxation to enjoy for the moment. The world is your oyster, but it’s on fire, so try to stick around until we all figure it out.

Unemployment was a glorious mess and we all took it for granted, which is a brash realization that comes flooding in with every passing hour of the workday. The scammers could scam and the morale was high for a few months. Yes, there were those big capitalist guys saying how stimulus checks wreck our economy. But let’s be honest my boy, none of this was in good shape to begin with. Nothing is real, enjoy the time while you’re here and be safe.

Bear1boss & Yellabandana – Material Bwoy!

Bear and Yellabandana link up for these brilliantly vibrant visuals called “Material Bwoy!”. All with production from two producers who will break through to some stellar notoriety in the upcoming months, Popstar Benny and Firemane. They gift a canvas to Bear to serve the people and he never disappoints. Yella rounds things off handling the second verse in an organized yet ruckus manner. This is too good to ignore.

Skuffle & K9 DSL – Not Thinking

Skuffle pairs with K9 DSL on these frames for “Not Thinking” and the pocket that’s curated is unlike the norm of modern times. Nothing mind-blowingly high-budget as far as the visuals go, but they do present a crisp and simplistic approach. Two tones fill the air while Skuffle starts things off and K9 follows. We need more shit like this in 2022, no-frills, just arrogant bars.


I’ve been on a real London kick as of late and this one from KDVSGOLIATH is unlike the calm mood across the pond usually presents. Unrelenting confidence is heard in this man’s voice but is quite approachable from an American point of a listener. Hopefully more gas is on the way in the future, but in the meantime, introduce yourself to the “Banter” above.

Chris Crooks – Temp Tag

Crooks is one of the most talented rappers I know, he just needs a few hits strung together. Linking once again with Crewsheff for “Temp Tag” we never feel the need to question if this man is going to deliver. He always does and will continue to do so. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a long streak of releases because the people need the honesty that Chris provides.

Devin Burgess – TONY STARK

Here is the video, for some reason the site is being a big dumb idiot and won’t let me just post the URL. Anyway, Burgess is another underrated genius from the Midwest. He doesn’t give a fuck about your rules or what you think music should sound like. Devin wants you to feel something and present sounds that deliver passion. Poignant bars atop his off-kilter production are always a treat.

Shamon Cassette – React

This was sent to me by a friend and I am both impressed and disoriented at the same time. Shamon Cassette takes us back to an era of yesteryear with his approach, but his clothing is unlike anything you’ve witnessed as of late. In his technicolor outfit he gifts us the world from the tips of the golds in between his gums. Myke Bogan pops in to add some assistance for Cassette as well, not breaking a sweat in the meantime. A wide variety of tastes for the creative soul to indulge in.


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