BoofPaxkMooky And Grimm Doza Finally Return With “I’ve Been High For Days” Deluxe


Mooky and Doza are both cornerstones of the Underground, but a project like this transcends past those barriers into a classic conversation. With 14 cuts we hear the incredible flavors this duo has curated from start to finish. Doza by himself is already a legendary producer and artist alike, but joining forces for a full-length extension of their previous collaboration is a real treat for the fans.

“Honestly” was already a favorite from the last go-round with the incredibly soothing instrumentation. Tony Seltzer and Dylvinci helped out with some additional production only adding to the all-star cast. “Trust Issues” and “You & Me” are personal favorites because of how they play off the inspiration from 80s and 90s R&B.

Mooky and Doza are two incredibly talented creatives combining their talents to extend their reach. It’s not only working but they play the game in their own way without giving in to following trends. Real individuals making great music for the people, stream it all below.


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