Worry Club Delivers Their Poignant EP “Ur Not Real”


Leave your worries at the door because the sounds will soothe that weary head. In just 6 cuts we are shown an abundance of talent from front to back. “Skate 3 Speed Glitch (ur not real)” starts things off in a technicolor manner all while Chase prances around in the sky. I fucking love when music makes you feel, and the intro track is such a vital part of a great project.

“Pretty Face” follows things up and possesses a bubbly bounce despite the dark subject matter of addiction. “Deathblow” is the new single off this one and will launch you in a time machine of teenage angst, but in the best of ways. The way the instrumentation builds around the vocals always catches my ear. This group is so in tune with each other’s cadences and talents that they know how to accent each element in a shining light.

Of course cuts like “Vince Vaughn” and “Lately” with John The Ghost are infectiously great, but “Bleach” is a wondrous cut to round out this EP. I am a stone-cold rap fan and I fucking love this project. Alternative waves with elements of punk, pop, rock, and even more that cannot be categorized. Worry Club is a group that will have an unreal, sustainable career and the sky is the limit. Keep going crazy bros.


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