Brampton’s AstroKidJay Drops Off His New EP “GBTM: Side A”


Astrokidjay delivers his new project called GBTM:Side A and in just six brief cuts we see shades of greatness for the world to delve into. With features from Anti Da Menace, Sally Sossa and TOB Duke, Jay is joined by some of the new school to accompany his memorable flows. Though his peers stand out brightly by his side, there is no way our protagonist will get outshined.

Cuts like “Buju” and “Devil In Disguise” intrigue and entice the ear, but “Virginia Hill” is a whole different wave. “Hell & Back” is a stellar effort to finish this EP, but instead of just adding it to the flood of modern music, you will find yourself running this one back. There truly isn’t a cut that lags behind the rest, instead, this cohesive effort makes for a great EP. It’s truly only a matter of time until Jay gets the shine he deserves, but until then peep the abundance of gas below.


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