Breadwinna GDawg Keeps the Momentum Going With Two New Visuals


Breadwinna GDawg goes absolutely off in his Oz-directed visual, “Pac Man Fly.” Produced by Bankroll Got It, the emerging talent from sunny Florida has been making quite the name for himself with banger after banger dropping recently. A true Floridian at that, GDawg is a diamond in the rough and uses that to his advantage with music that deserves the rating, 10/10. I think what I love the most is the demeanor of GDAWG and him really not giving a fuck. You can hear that in his flow and for some reason just makes him that much better. Get ready for more Breadwinna GDawg coming at you all year and the next. Check out his latest visual for “Pac Man Fly” off his mixtape 4 Headed Goat that is also available. Burn one & wash your hands.

Editor’s note: Here’s his most recent video.


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