Brooklyn Has Heat At Their Fingertips With Tazzo B & 26AR’s New Project “26 Never Left”


There are few producers who can curate an entire wave inspired by their own unique styling. A Lau is one of those guys and he proves it with the incredible production on 26 Never Left. Introducing us to newcomers, Tazzo B and 26AR, we hear Brooklyn’s brightest write another chapter in it’s already illustrious musical pages.

These 14 tracks are grim, unapologetic and arrogant in the best way possible. Both 26AR and Tazzo have distinctive voices, yet still trade bar for bar with disregard for human life. This is New York City drill at it’s finest. While these aggressive kicks realign your spine, most of these songs are both of these guys floating together. Though, it’s a nice chance for songs like “Walk Like This” and “My Sides” by Tazzo to showcase his solo efforts. 26 runs things by himself on “Keep it coming” and “Fuck The Opps” which might just be a personal favorite off this opus.

A Lau is a true underground maestro, but he’s going to be a household name by the end of this year. With some additional production from Rubi Rosa, AR, Matt Marvin and Tony Seltzer, if you’re trying to go nuts, this is a solid soundtrack for the debauchery. The features are nothing to just pass over. Each of these verses from Swook on “For The Guys” and “Chills (Remix”) are a pure personification of Brooklyn. Rocko Ballin and Blizzy are also two names to put some respect on, because they’re work is too sick to be ignored.

The boomers have to understand this is the new wave from Brooklyn. These kids are coming at us with braggadocios arrogance and the world is going to eat it up. With the abundance of electricity coming out of this borough, the entire music world should be excited about what’s to come. Listen to the kids and let them talk their shit, peep the gas below.


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