ICECOLDBISHOP and JAHMED Unleash One of 2020’s Best Singles


If you’re in tune with the underground scene you surely should be familiar with ICECOLDBISHOP and JAHMED. Both artists have been featured on our Undiscovered Gems series and are having an explosive year. Today they’re back on our pages for a timeless new single called “Bitch Please”.

The moment you first press play on “Bitch Please”, you’ll be entranced by Bregma‘s production arrangement. Before you know it, ICECOLDBISHOP jumps in and begins skating on the classically-inspired beat. He enlisted the help of up-and-comer JAHMED as well, a decision that couldn’t be any more perfect. Between the two of them, rhythm, energy, and flow come easy. They went all out on the track for every single second that they could. It is so rare to see such a proper demonstration of fundamental Hip-Hop ability in this day and age. ICECOLDBISHOP and JAHMED are the beacons of hope that old-heads in Hip-Hop have been waiting for. It’s safe to use the word “timeless” for this piece of music because regardless of what year this track dropped, it would be a hit. I’ve played this song over ten times in the past hour since I stumbled upon it, and I’m not done. “Bitch Please” is apparently unmixed, but still, it’s safe to say it is my favorite track of the year so far. If you need a boost of energy, look no further. ICECOLDBISHOPJAHMED, and Bregma have got you covered. Take a listen to the banger below!


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