C4Y Drops a Little Something “4” You


Chicago’s C4Y dropped a four-pack of songs on March 23rd on Soundcloud and it’s an ethereal experience. We’ve begun to expect nothing less than quality content from one of Chicago’s upcoming stars. Having already put out some of his best and most polished work in 2022 with “B4”, C4Y is here to show fans that there’s more to come.

Usually, with a project, I’d pick and choose a few songs with the intent of not boring my readers. But C4Y didn’t even give me the option to pick and choose; being that this project is quite literally only a few songs, and they’re all perfect.

Although all the songs are perfect C4Y, Jerms, Snapz, & JDolla need an award for “GRAB A PILL”. I had the busiest week and didn’t get to the project until Monday, and it’s honestly criminal how much I played the track from then to now.

That concludes yet another display of C4Y constantly improving and pushing the bounds of his art. Artists who improve with every release get the utmost cool points in my eyes, and I’m glad I’m here early to be along for the ride for what’ll surely turn out to be a great career for my fellow Chicagoan.


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