Dolphin Talk And Stephen Niday Return With Their Phenomenal Album “2 Action 2 Park”


Producer duos need more shine in general in this game, but if you think about it, there aren’t really a ton of maestros who do full projects together like this. In fifteen cuts we hear an abundance of flavors meshed with billowing bass patterns. This is the sequel to the original Action Park, which dropped in the first quarter of 2021. Essentially this lineup of features is everyone you love in the underground.

Appearances from ATL Smook, Yeat, Polo Perks, Big Baby Scumbag, Youngsixflags, Babytron, RxK Nephew, YT, Pollari, Texaco, Young Zukaa, Muddymya, Bennyman, Dee Aura, 3ag Pilot, and Caal Vo all drop off their respective talents. And yes this may be a daunting amount of features at first glance, but once you get into the project, the cohesion is effortless. Dolphin Talk and Niday are the brain trust of the franchise, but their talent doesn’t end behind the boards. The ability to facilitate a lineup with this much star power and the songs actually getting cleared is a triumph in itself.

Not only did they assemble the fucking justice league of the underground, but they also linked with some unreal producers to enhance the experience. The boards were blessed by Firemane, Glumboy, Aidan, Bennybaby, DJBangoutbeatz, Hadif10k, and Boombapgrandad. A few of my personal favorites off here are “Arm & Leg” with Polo Perks, “Digiscale Girl” with RxK Nephew, and “You Should Know” featuring the Arc’Teryx legend, YT.

Truly from start to finish, this project will provide you with a few of your new favorite songs, but it should introduce you to a new artist or producer along the way. Shout to the good bros for bringing this together and peep the gas below.


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