Cam Will Delivers 2-Song EP “I Hope You Stay Around”


Milwaukee’s Cam Will is back with two tracks “IHYSA” and “Not If, But When” packaged as an EP titled I Hope You Stay Around. This comes off of the success of last year’s “Make It Make Sense” Freestyle which has gained over 700,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Starting with the opening track, “IHYSA” has a distinct West Coast feel. However, Cam puts his own sauce on it with a vibe that goes from melancholy and drizzly to soulful with the addition of a choir on the backend of the track.

“Not If, But When” is a melancholy banger that shows off everything in Cam’s arsenal. He shows off buttery vocals on the hook and slides in and out of different pockets on the rap side. “Couldn’t make it through” is a phrase that echoes throughout the track and creates a savory vibe that the listener chases throughout the song.


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