Chattanooga’s Swerzie Delivers Three New Cuts Entitled “B4 I Rot”


This is some music that doesn’t apologize for it’s abrupt style and unhindered presence. Swerzie is out of left field with this trio of chaos, a little prelude before his long-awaited ROTSTAR project. B4 I Rot, is a genius move for this guy to win over some more momentum and buzz.

Starting things off with “Magic”, produced by Downtime, we hear a very distorted and disorderly style that the kids will eat up. His flow refutes oxygen and instead focuses on the strength of the cadence. The beat skrews up a bit at the end to further accompany you’re intoxication.

“Perc O Clock”, produced by Spillspace and MJL, is another off-kilter cut, but dials it back from the previous, I guess that’s where the perc comes in. Still a stellar pocket to break up any possible monotony, and carries us smoothly into “Real Rotten”. Yet another electric track where Swerzie boasts how things go around his side. This beat reminds me of early Lex Luger production, but is handled by Keadrean and Irocconthebeat.

With ROTSTAR dropping next week on the 14th, this should hold over Swerzie’s fans and make some new ones alike. Tap in below and we’ll see you soon.


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