Check Out 18Veno’s Posthumous Album “Space Route”


Since the passing of 18 year old artist 18Veno in January of this year his fans have been patiently waiting for new music and this project delivered. Putting together 18 tracks, every single one has something new and different to offer. Starting the project off with an elegant guitar beat for “Shady Grove”, 18Veno sings his heart out. Then giving us an insanely tough song with hard hitting 808’s on “Playas Play” shows how versatile he is. Being able to sing, rap, talk his shit, and preach to the streets all on one project is something that not many other artists can say they’re capable of. The potential that this young artist had was something special and “Space Route” displayed that. If you haven’t yet, go listen to this album now. Long Live Veno.



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