Onlybino Spazzes in the Two-part Movie for “Vivi Necklace” and “Rockstar Anthem”


The young South Florida rising star Onlybino is back on our platform again after he has been able to consistently prove himself drop after drop. He is a part of the new, futuristic SoundCloud wave that is emerging but is able to distinguish himself through his ability to float on any beat so confidently. He only put out his first track on SoundCloud about a year ago and has had a very impressive, noticeable improvement in his music since then.

He recently put out his first EP titled LoneWolf featuring five tracks filled with loads of flows and crazy, high-energy production from buzzing SoundCloud producers such as Katlightning, Thraxxmichael, Skai, and many more. Accompanying the EP comes an insane two-part video consisting of two tracks off the new EP, “Vivi Necklace” and “Rockstar Anthem.” These two high-energy bangers combined with the polished directing from Elan Bia along with the skillful editing/producing from the rest of the team at No Soap creates for an incredible video that will be going up all summer. Onlybino‘s growth in such a short time has been very impressive and we know that this is just the beginning. Like always, we will keep y’all in the loop, but for now, tap into the badass two-part video below.


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