Chelsea Pastel Shows Up To Play With Her Astounding New Project “Pastelvision”


Ohio has such a diverse playing field sonically, it’s hard to explain it to someone who isn’t aware. But that’s why I’m here, and today’s subject is Chelsea Pastel‘s album Pastelvision. Fifteen songs is a heavy amount to drop for a new artist, but the daunting task does not stop Chelsea‘s genius. “Ppa” flaunts the rugged bars that this young woman is capable of, then flowing into “My Life” a telling tale of overcoming heartbreak.

There’s a number of impressive styles, but the brimming theme is that Chelsea can just flat out rap her ass off. “Can’t Stop Shit” and “Like A Peach” are both full of brilliant quotes that will drive the world crazy. Chelsea had a hand in this stellar production but got some fire assists from Cassius G, 100bandxan, Boca Beats, and Tay Supreme.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with how much great music is on this project. There’s a little taste of everything for the fans and that is showcasing how far Chelsea is going to go with her art. The ability to feed the masses and still reach the crevices of your fan base is the key to success, keep going Miss Pastel.


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