Chow Lee’s New Album “Sue Me” Is A Shining Moment For NYC


Chow has been a name that came onto my radar over the past 6 months. His work with Cash Cobain and a number of other notable producers has showcased his brilliant capabilities. Yes, this is a very modernized take on drill or New York’s style as a whole, but the melding of melodies and energy that it curates is special.

I get it, 17 tracks is a lot to digest at one moment in time, but this project is really that good to grow with. “Not The Girl of My Dreams” breeds brilliant distortion with Chow‘s aerated tone. Cash provides two great assists with “Slide To Kloud” and “My Way Or Highway”, only to add to the rich list of stylings. With some additional features from Lonny Love and Yung Talii, this project rounds out to be arrogant and smooth in the best ways.

To a newcomer who is not familiar with sample drill, this should be the blueprint for a thorough introduction. The mix of notable songs flipped on their head tops lures the novice in and then wins them over while they float. Production from Cotton Candy Caleb and TBlossom just exudes any expectation you could have at first listen.

Chow is not just a regular drill artist, he’s able to conquer any sort of instrumentation passed to him. With whatever his choice may be, they are truly lighting the city on fire. We don’t miss on things over here, so tap into this gas below.


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