Chicago’s Femdot. Links up with Saba on the Introspective “Lifetime”


I’ve been a fan of Femdot. for a while now. Seeing him live around the release of 94 Camry Music has cemented himself as a musician that I need to look out for. The track “Lifetime”, which had been released back in November, was given new life with the John LeVert directed music video. On this record, we hear Femdot.’s distinctive voice describe his upbringing in Chicago. On the Monte Brooke and Nabeyin production, Dot catches a feverous flow that would impress anybody with two ears. The lightly sung hook is the perfect amount of raw emotion and catchiness that allows for the song to progress seamlessly. On the latter half of the record, we get a stunning verse from Saba. As usual, his flows are one of a kind, and the lyricism he brings to the track is unmatched. Amplifying the ethos that he has never had any handouts and worked with the cards he was dealt.

In the visuals, we see Femdot. and Saba out on the west coast illuminated by the tangerine skies during golden hour. This main shot is broken up by scenes of them on a boardwalk and interior car shots. The cinematic elements of the music video are extraordinary and only make for a compelling watch. Check out these Chicago legends below! 


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