Lil Gray Proves He’s Meant To Be A Part Of The Convo With “10B410”


Lil Gray is one of those artists that is going to have a solid career out here. The sheer authenticity that flows from this cohesive project is what entices the ear. It’s one thing to catch our attention for a little bit, but to hold it throughout sixteen cuts is quite impressive.

Representing Landover Hills, Maryland, Gray carries on his regional sound with his own accented twist. “Doubted Myself” protrudes from the speakers with little regard for human life and you can hear the sheer hunger in his tone. Continuing the momentum with “Pest Control (RAT)” is a wild change of pace, but it doesn’t phase Gray in the slightest. A big thing experienced ears can hear is confidence. The variety of production and unwavering styles from this young man are showcasing all sides of his of talents.

With production from Sparkheem, Spizzledoe, SenseiATL and simply Bill, it’s safe to say there’s a taste for everyone on here. Remember the name Lil Gray and peep 10B410 in it’s entirety below.


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