Chris Patrick Makes His Case For AOTY With “X-Files”


Chris has been rising at a steady pace over the past two years. Since we spoke during the pandemic it seems as if the entire Crossroads team is moving as a cohesive unit to break down the door. Chris is at the helm of the ship, but there are many moving parts behind the scene that have made this rollout a one to remember. The whole point is creating a moment, Chris did that. Now string together great moments for the rest of your career. Chris can do that.

We all know his rapping prowess is top-tier, with the tips of the cap from Zay and JID. But his name rumbles around the industry in a unique manner. This is the coming of age tale where we witness one of music’s future leaders hit his stride. As I drove 30 mins each way to pick up a burrito, I delved into these fourteen cuts. With shades of the greats methodically sprinkled on here, a few themes stand out.

Chris will out rap you and now he’s just widening the gap. He can pen some smashes that extend past the traditional rap parameters, “Fly Away” and “Lead Me On” show just that. The guest appearances from the team of greats add wondrous zest to each calculated opus, though it never feels forced. Noah, Nashir, Dende, Erykah, and Billy all show and prove it’s real art through and through.

Examining thoughts of suicide and transparent pain in this music, it’s hard not to be moved to tears. “Rooftops” hit me right in the chest and rounded out this thing pristinely. Congrats to Chris and his team for making a classic, I know it hasn’t been easy, but timeless music will always conquer the day.


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