Columbus, Ohio’s Saint Lamaar Taps In With Roadrunner TB For The Soon To Be Smash “Chosen”


This is a hit, I’m fucking calling it. And yeah it’s that serious because after the first listen of the snippet on IG, I had to run that back until the release. Well, the moment of truth is upon us now, and “Chosen” by Saint Lamaar featuring Roadrunner TB is going to make some serious noise. You already know that we have to support anything TB drops, but Saint Lamaar might have one of the best pens in the state. To match his pristine vocals, the incredibly catchy melodic approach proves that the future is bright with abundance for this guy.

Thoroughly impressed with how anthemic this one has the potential to be, and it’s even got a stellar amount of momentum before it dropped. The sky is the limit and let’s be honest, the world is gonna eat this shit up. Just remember who told you about it first and stream the gas below.


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