Jordan Ward Drops Visual for “Lil Baby Crush”


Being quiet for a while, Jordan Ward is back with this music video for “Lil Baby Crush”. Knowing very little about Jordan Ward, when I heard this track I had to do some digging. The sound that he embodies on not only this song but every single piece of art that he makes is unlike anything else. There’s no question that his voice is a standout factor but the way that he manipulates it creates such an enticing sound that draws you in. While Jordan Ward does his thing we can’t look over this amazing production from Lido and Mayer Hawthorne. This track is just a vibe from the start to finish and Jordan Ward absolutely killed it.

For the video he had Dylan McGale and PDL direct it. With the song having such a personality it only makes sense for the visuals to match that. This video is truly brilliant. The way that it’s shot captures everything that this song means and more. Jordan Ward is back and I can’t wait to hear what he has next for us. 


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