Consistency Is Proven To Be Key Amid Keshore’s Recent Rise


Sunset Diaries dropped in early October, and although the project is a mere 25 minutes long, it takes listeners through quite the experience. The nine-track project seemingly comes in 3 parts… a coincidence? Maybe, but for an artist as dedicated to their craft as Keshore has shown to be, I’d highly doubt it was anything but intentional. The first three tracks, “LEFTRIGHT”, “Ugh”, and “Good,” are your classic raging, dread swinging, moshpit songs that were loud enough to get me a noise complaint call at my school housing last month.

The next 3 songs were the most unique of the nine, boasting features from DC The Don, Sad Frosty, and $NOT; I could listen to the beats to “BB” and “Computer Science” for days on end. The last three songs are truly something to marvel at, they’re smooth, introspective, essentially B-Sides (the best type of music), they show a side of Keshore that we rarely see. Do yourself a favor and stream all the greatness below.


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