MVNCH Drops Long Awaited Project “DSSV2”


North Carolina artist MVNCH finally drops this long awaited project, DSSV2. With MVNCH popping off in the underground scene fans have been wanting more music from him and he delivered. Teasing the release and many different tracks the wait was so long due to getting everything from the features to the production to be perfect. After making many different changes behind the scenes, what we have been given showcases how much talent this blossoming artist has. Giving us eight tracks with six features total, the diversity throughout is notable. Having such a unique voice I thought some of the features wouldn’t make sense but I was wrong. The contrast that MVNCH and every feature has makes it so special. With that being said, “Bully” featuring Nashon9k, has to be the standout track for me. The delivery and creativity stands out above the rest. Be sure to give DSSV2 a listen and tap in with one of the most unique artists out right now. 


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