Covid Can Suck My Balls


It’s pretty astounding how anyone can deny this viruses validity because this shit took me out like a fucking mack truck. I’m still fogged up, more so than just by my own personal choice, but still the vid is no joke. While I try to catch up for whatever reason, I found some solid music to pass the congestion with. So I guess we’ll get out of the way quickly and call this, Covid can suck my balls.

Church-Hill – Extremely Famous And Incredibly Miserable

This is Church‘s shining moment thats been lead up to by countless great songs thus far. Extremely Famous and Incredibly Miserable is only 6 songs, but each of these respectivelly could turn into smashes. “Sacremento” and “Valerie” at the top and bottom of this thing are mental, but “Blind Man” and “Follow The Light” paint a stellar set of scenes as well. Church is a pop star, but with the substance of a real person and no frills. His pen is deadly as ever, and the voice is so fucking good.

Illusion Hills, han.irl <3, Ryan Hall – Bittersweet

The Illusion Hills collective continues to impress with their visuals for “Bittersweet”. Featuring han.irl <3 and Ryan Hall, these incredibly catchy melodies and tantalizing vocals present a new era of pop. There is a fusion of a number of genres, but these folks can croon as a unit. Think of Illusion Hills as a way better Brockhampton, but for real. Peep it all above.

Kakuyon – Evengreen, Maroon Too

This is a gentle approach to R&B but should be digested in the hills of the world. Kakuyon refreshes our palate with “Evergreen, Maroon Too” which delves into a wild reality of melodic runs. It’s gentle as if Mother Nature said “let this young man cook, he has my blessing” and he carries the torch flawlessly. Great to see music like this shine through in the current climate.

Jasminegold – Serpent

Jasminegold drops off the technicolor project called Serpent. Full of vivacious emotions, these 13 cuts reside in an introspective realm making for a ride through the mind with each effort. “Joyride” is my personal favorite because of the bounce that is created by the percussive elements and the purist cadence. Though “G-Men” and “Escapism” do shine bright as well in there own ways, this project has a number of tastes for the people. Get hip above.

Yung Chelsea – It’s Me

Chelsea is back on our pages with his intoxicated new cut called “It’s Me”. You can hear the depression in his voice, penning lyrics about losing an important relationship in his life. This kid sells the story and it makes you feel for him during this ardous time. Truly the entire point of music is to take us to that place where the artist is divulging their pain to the world. Chelsea did just that, so peep it all above.

Joseph Carney & IAMTHELIVING – The Reverse Music Video

This is a great form of pure creativity and to wrap your mind around how this was created, I simply pulled a quote from the PR.

The Reverse Music Video” was crafted through an idiosyncratic process, in which, Carney first filmed IAMTHELIVING’s loose vocal improvisations and built a story on the fly, then constructed a song by combining multitudes of takes, resulting in a song & music video unlike any other- one where the video came first, and then the music second.
To be able to approach your art from the visual space and be that in-sync with another creative to trust the process, we all have to applaud the effort. The sounds are unique but blend cohesively together with the finished product. Pushing the boundaries of modern art and visuals is what we have above, get in tune.


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