Memorex Is Maki Adams And Mykel Online, Get Hip To The Wave


Mykel has been on our pages before, but this go-round he’s linking with Maki Adams to form a supergroup called Memorex, and the future is as vivid as possible. With the only features being from Lucas Lex and Ayleen Valentine, we hear a user-generated world melding a number of genres and talents.

“Alright?” and “Bleed” are two in the first half that blew me away because of the sheer uniqueness of the waves. Not only do vocal effects enhance the mood on each of these, but they don’t sound like anything at all dropped in the past few years. Maki and Mykel‘s tones accent each other in a marvelous manner, but both reside in an emotionally moving world.

“Echo” is another personal favorite of mine because of the wonderful songwriting. Both of these artists can pen great records from personal experience and that’s what makes this project so special. “Brother” is a great cut to end with because it showcases the bond that these two have. This project is pure, honest, and groundbreaking so do yourself a favor and delve in below.




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